7 Steps Out of a Crisis | Always Study

In every part of the world, people need to study crisis management.  Some seem to do well in times of financial crisis and others never have been as poor.  Some are devastated by forced changes in their job situation, the weight of cumulated debt, consequences of long-term sickness or underfinanced retirement or old age.  And of course the pandemic. Others quickly adapt or even anticipate the changing paradigms of our time and face without fear what threatens their lifestyle.

Those who thrive in times of crisis, surf on the waves of opportunity and there are 7 things they keep working on, on their to-do list.

Step N° 1

Always Study new trends

study on the Internet
You can learn everything you want on the Internet

Become the best in whatever area you are interested in.  Study the best in your field. They will always need you.  And you will never lack employment (or means to create your own business).  Where do you find the time to study?

Denis Waitley found the time to write his bestselling book, “The Seeds of Greatness” by not watching television 5 evenings a week for six months.  (Can you imagine the sacrifice?)  That gave him an extra 10 hours a week, and over 6 months he invested 240 hours to get back the rest of his life.                                                                                       What do you think you can do with an extra 500 hours available in a year?  Denis was able to retire from his job thanks to the royalties from his books and had all the time he wanted with his family from thereon. 

Your decision to do it will make the difference!

The time when I drove hours to visit my clients, I was always listening to the audio on a subject I was studying at the time. And I was listening to people who were top in their field and absorbing their mindset. After a time, I received an offer to become a sales director. “Don’t I need a Master’s Degree in marketing or commerce, I asked. “No” was the answer. “You need to have a mindset like yours to manage a sales team”.

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