Mindset and Motivation

The following stories are designed to motivate you and keep you on track. If you feel a bit tired of struggling, perhaps you can go here. Read a story each day to recharge your batteries.

The “Off-the-grid Entrepreneurship” story

How these kid learned entrepreneurship

It’s a story of children in the High Atlas mountains of Morocco who thought begging was the only way to get the money they wanted. But a sales director showed them a way to meet the desires of the tourists and make a lot more.

Read more…

What is preventing the barracuda from getting his fish dinner?

story of a barracuda
The Story of a frustrated barracuda

Something invisible was stopping him from reaching his fish dinner. And he just couldn’t understand it! Read more

Dream Stealers are like Horse thieves

story of dream stealers
Dream thieves are worse than horse thieves

How Dream Stealers are much more dangerous than horse thieves. You will be tested on this early in life like this boy. But he decided to protect his dream convinced that following his dream was the most reasonable thing he could do in life. Read on…

Resist Negativity | The Recipe to ongoing success

story telling Resist negativity
The attitude needed to survive in sales

Interested in a perfect method to resist all negativity of the day and never miss a sale? This story explains what top salespersons do to be on top of their game all day long. And the story of my best sale ever. Read more

What a top salesperson does to resist negativity

story of a salesperson
He imagines the client is waiting for him

Have you ever wondered why one salesperson succeeds in converting prospects into clients, day in, day out and another is struggling? Read the story here

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  1. Maintaining motivation long term can be a challenge. It’s always useful to have a few inspirational ideas up your sleeve, ready to go

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