How a Top Salesperson resists negativity

Have you ever wondered why one salesperson succeeds in converting prospects into clients, day in, day out and another is struggling?

Remember that big sale I got in Part One of The Key to Success “Resist Negativity”?

There was an hour’s drive between our company and our bank. Our boys wanted absolutely to come with us. On the way back there was a MacDonald’s Restaurant.  We stopped there to celebrate.  And we digested it very well (the money I mean).

Every salesperson gave this story a long applause because they have all been there.  They have all had the big unexpected sale that saved an otherwise horrible month.

That unexpected sale that makes your day/week/month

So I continued.

Who has already had a fantastic sale like that?   All the hands were raised,  even Mike’s.

Alright, this is what I suggest.  Write down on this 3 by 5 Bristol card and describe your best sale ever. Take your time. The idea is to describe your emotional state before the sale, what you felt when you saw it was going to be a mega sale, and detail the emotions that you had when you told your family and friends about it (or even your boss!).

There was a ‘religious’ silence as each one savored some of the memorable moments of their career.

Even the boss, sitting at the back of the room was writing away!

 What was your best-ever sale as a salesperson, and share with us the emotions you felt when negativity was turned into positive feelings!

After some time, I asked which salesperson wanted to share their best-ever sale.

Jean-Marc told us how a transport company that he had prospected months before without success contacted our service and invited him to ask for an appointment.  He said to himself that he might do a good day’s sale, maybe $5000-6000.

He was far under! The client wanted to restructure all his archives and be able to find all his documents in 2 seconds. It just happened to be that we had a numeric filing system (Not the 26 letters of the alphabet) with folders manufactured in polypropylene in different sizes adapted to his profession.  In fact, the client bought 40000€ worth of this innovative filing system that Jean-Marc sold that very day!  He told us that the same client, one month later sent a second order of the same amount for another department!

Mohamed told us how he drove by a company for the last 10 years hidden in a curve of the road.  He really sensed that this looked like an interesting prospect.  But there was no way of stopping and he couldn’t see where the entry road was. But one month of December, times were so difficult, and the sales were so low, that he said he had nothing to lose to spend some time to try to find the entrance to this company.

The client is waiting for you

I’ve been here 10 years and I have never seen a salesperson

He was warmly welcomed by the potential client and the owner bought everything Jean-Marc had to sell.   « You know, I don’t have time to go to town to get what I need.  It doesn’t bother me to pay a bit more if someone comes to visit me.  But it’s been ten years that I’m here.  I have never seen a single salesman! »

My colleague waived 10 years of sales because he didn’t follow his intuition!

This completely unexpected sale was equivalent to 3 weeks of sales in normal times, and it allowed him to enjoy a good Christmas time with his family.

I suggested that they would put themselves two-by-two to share their best-ever sale with each other! (It’s better than sharing your latest disaster, isn’t it?)

No one saw the time fly.  We were all on another planet!

Even Mike (for once) had a great sales adventure to tell the others.


i)                An infallible method to resist negativity during your selling day.

ii)                How never again miss a sale and always be on top of things.

iii)              Describe your best sale, write it down, and think of your emotions before and after.

iv)              Even when you feel depressed, you may be only a minute away from your best sale ever.  What do you think about that?

v)                Write several of these stories to encourage you during difficult moments.  Why not describe your best weekly sale?

If you don’t encourage yourself, who will?

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