Affiliate Marketing with John Thornhill’s “Proven Formula”

You may have never heard of affiliate marketing expert John Thornhill and his “proven formula” before, but he is one of the top 1% sellers on Click Bank and JV zoo! You may be part of the thousands of people who are looking for solutions to make money online.

Look no further! Learn from someone who not only teaches what works but hands over the license to his best-selling products so you can quickly earn commissions with his “proven formula”. Register for his webinar (Do it now, even if you don’t have the time to watch right away. That way, you’ll get the replay)

Seasoned Online Marketer John Thornhill, Reveals his “Proven Formula” for Successful Affiliate Marketing

You may have never heard of John Thornhill before, but the major digital platforms have! He is one of the top sellers on Click Bank and JV zoo and making them a lot of money! And the market is growing every year. Millions are looking for solutions to make money online.

16 years ago, John was a struggling worker in a car plant in Northern England, deeply in debt and just couldn’t live with the income they gave him.

He started to look for solutions on the Internet (certainly like you). What made him different than most who only dream about it?

He was so desperate to get out of the car factory, that he made sure he not only learned but also applied what was taught

And he has been able to live full time with his Internet business since 2004 (all the while only working part time). 

With his 16-year successful affiliate marketing career, he is now offering access to his John Thornhill’s Ambassador VIP program

to share his Proven Formula

Find out more by registering for his FREE training 

John Thornhill Before and after
John Thornhill before and after

You get a step-by-step “over the shoulder” training

John is very thorough in what he does. That is why anyone who has worked with John and his Ambassador VIP program knows they are getting complete, step-by-step training. No one is left behind (as long as they do the work). 

He and his staff consider it a privilege to provide customer support for any request within 24 hours.

His biggest pleasure is helping students create their own 6 figure automated income streams and gain their freedom like he was able to do for himself.

Why so many would-be entrepreneurs NEVER succeed with affiliate marketing?

John was able to leave his J.O.B. to others who needed it more than himself and has become a living example that IT IS POSSIBLE. His secret was to understand 2 things:

1)     You succeed faster if you have a MENTOR (who has already done it and is willing to show you step-by-step what needs to be done.

2)     In order to get Massive success you can’t JUST be an affiliate marketer. You must be selling your own digital products and services online. And since 2004 he created over 25 best-selling products.

affiliate marketing
Why sell digital products over physical products?

The Coronavirus Shutdown: Will this change the way we do business?

If you are a business owner and something happens (pandemic, hurricane, riots) that makes it impossible for retail clients to come to your store, you may be glad that you had an extra passive income stream thanks to your online business.

Because funds (and credit) dry up fast when there is no cash flow.

That is when you have the time to think about how to expand your business online. But setting up an online store requires skills most business owners don’t have. And where can you find the time to learn? Grow your business online? Yes, but it doesn’t have to be your own product line. You can sell other people’s products and share commissions (usually 50/50). This is called affiliate marketing.

The fact is, what is really needed is creating an extra income stream, without a huge financial risk. The fastest way to make money online is to “clone” what is already working. And John explains how in his free webinar. Access HERE.

What makes the John Thornhill Ambassador VIP Program different from other online courses?

Well, that’s the whole point. It is not just another online affiliate marketing course! It is a program that is designed to overcome all the hurdles beginners have to face.  He knows most of us need money right away and doesn’t have the time to go through the learning curve.

The Ambassador VIP program invites students to be Ambassadors for cash-producing courses that have already proved their value on the market.

He takes away all the time-consuming hurdles that prevent so many would-be entrepreneurs from getting to the end of the process. Their project is to create ongoing regular income from the Internet, but 90% never get there for the following reasons:

a)   They don’t have their own product to sell. John gives you the license to sell 25 of his best-selling digital products and keep 100% commissions of all the products in the funnel. And for all the high-ticket products (which includes coaching from him) the commissions are shared 50-50

John Thornhill's affiliate marketing products
Some of John’s products

Your own Custom Built Website

b)  They don’t know how to set up a sales funnel. John gives his students a custom-built sales funnel to his webinar which generates $1182 in commissions each time there is a sale.

Affiliate marketing funnel

c)    Don’t know how to capture emails so you have a targeted audience to sell to (this free traffic you never have to pay for again). The Ambassador VIP program sets that up for you.

Follow up emails with built-in Affiliate marketing offers

d)  Knowing how to write effective emails (copywriting). A follow up sequence of 99 emails (and soon 365) are prewritten by professionals and can be added to your autoresponder in 30 seconds.

e)   Choosing which products to sell. Besides the license to his best-selling products, the Ambassador team sources the most profitable products on Click Bank and inserts your affiliate link in the automatic email sequence. In that way you are ensured of ongoing sales to support your laptop lifestyle.

f)     What John will reveal in his Webinar is unheard of in the affiliate marketing world. He will set up a custom JV page to recruit affiliates for your products yourself (since you own them).

And that is what gives you the financial freedom and the time to enjoy it.

Affiliate marketers dream
What is your dream?

Who is the “Proven Formula” for?

  • David is someone who has just been laid off. It was totally unexpected, and he doesn’t have much in savings. What he does have is time. And he realizes, that up to now he has left his economic future in the hands of others who care less about the future of his family than himself. The future looks so uncertain. 

But as Abraham Lincoln said, “The best way to predict your future is to create it

David has decided to be a man and take control of his finances. Now is the time to upgrade his skills well enough to earn money online.

  • What about “stay at home” parents? Marjorie is a stay-at-home Mom, and her dream is to work from home doing something she is able to do without a college degree. 

Affiliate Marketing For Stay-at-home parents

Like so many families, she needs a secure second revenue. But her children need her at home too. It is a dream for many to have their own Home Business (and the Internet provides so many opportunities). But after watching videos and reading articles, she is becoming aware that if she chooses a physical product, it requires a lot of work. And she read somewhere that 90% of online stores don’t make any money. Wasn’t the objective to have the money and the time to enjoy it?

  • And then there is Irvin who is looking for an alternative retirement savings plan. As a salesman, he was often paid on a commission basis with more lows than highs. And he is looking for a side hustle or home business with a passive income strategy that will help him prepare for retirement with a monthly income plan.
  • Jeremy is a college student who sees his school debt threatening his dream to work for an NGO and forcing him to enter the business world. Can he find a way out of the corporate rat race?

What are the Pros?

John is offering to his VIP students hisAmbassador Program, a sure way to the 100K yearly income goal.

In this webinar training class, John Thornhill will share with you his time-tested “Proven Formula”. How his Ambassador program can help you create your own online business that sells for you automatically 24/7.

  •      You actually get the license to promote 27 of his top-selling products and the sales funnels. 
  • His “ambassadors” keep 100% of the profits on all the Front-End products and the big-ticket commissions are shared 50/50
  •   Get your own evergreen super funnel (just learning to set this up and testing it could take months of your time).
  • Plus he gives 99 days of professionally written “done for you” emails attached to it. Many best-selling products from other marketers (including his past students) will be presented with your Click Bank ID (so you are the one that gets paid the commissions).
  • The student is trained on getting traffic (both paid and free) to build your email list. He has always been one of the best in this area. 

But if you are amongst the first to get in, you get some bonuses that allow you to siphon leads directly from John’s own lists. (Stay to the end of his one-hour webinar and discover his other bonuses where he does the promoting for you.)


  • Some work needs to be done. This is not a “to get money for doing nothing” offer.
  • Results vary according to the time that each one can invest in and applying the step-by-step process. But John has already helped hundreds of marketers build a 6-figure business.

  John has a reputation for helping his coaching students make significant money in 60 to 90 days.  If you have been in offline business, you know it takes at least 2 years to be able to take a salary.

How will it feel when success finally reaches you with John’s Proven Formula?

1)   How would you feel if you could double your income in 60 to 90 days? Would that lift a weight off your shoulders (and bank account)?

2)   The sigh of relief of having a roadmap to follow. Like a GPS, you follow the steps (yes you do have to decide to pack the baggage and start driving the car).

3)   Use this “proven formula” to show your loved ones you are able to do it! (in spite of past failures)

4)   No more wasting time going down the next rabbit hole. Your mentor already did the research of what works and what doesn’t. It is time to follow the steps and make some serious money.

You have just found a real way of making money from home.

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