7 Steps Out of a Crisis | Protect your mind

To make it through your season of crisis, it is necessary to protect your mind from the garbage thinking out there. Nowadays we talk about “fake news”. Certain philosophies and ways of thinking allowed dictators to manipulate crowds and wage war. So there is nothing new under the sun. The only thing is that people believe what they want to believe and are convinced because everyone else is convinced. But we need to protect our minds against that which is of no use to us.

protect from the paradigm shift that's going on
Is it time for a paradigm shift?

To be able to quickly adapt or even anticipate the changing paradigms of our time, let’s look at Step 5 “Protect your mind” It is the best way to face without fear what threatens our lifestyle.

Step 5 – Protect your mind

You’d think that the newspapers just found out that there is a crisis.  You didn’t know?  There are new crises every 5 to 6 years!  So you may as well get used to it.  In 1981, the new French President promised that the number of unemployed would not go over 1 million. (It went to 3 million before the end of his second term).   Every government says it is their top priority to find jobs for the people.  But who says the people are looking for jobs?  It’s not “work” people are looking for but revenue!

So the system has formatted us to look for a job instead of encouraging entrepreneurship.

  • Do you want to fight to obtain an underpaid job?
  • Who wants to do 2-3 hours of public transport to get there?
  • Is your dream to have a manager who can make your life miserable?

We accept it because we are formatted by school programs to think that way.  (It is more so in Europe than in the US). And as soon as you get into debt, you don’t have any more choices.  And our education system trains us for jobs that may no longer be there when we get there.

There are leaders who give you the power to change your future

There are other voices that propose other strategies to bring in the money but we need to do some selective listening.  Choose who you want to listen too.  Do not trust your financial future to those who may not take care of it as well as yourself.

We can’t do much for the macro economy.  Leave that to the experts.  As for the micro economy that concerns our family directly, it depends on what is going on in our head.

Henry Ford said:  “If you believe that you can, or if you believe that you cannot, in both cases you are right”.

So we need to protect ourselves from the negative environment surrounding us.

Why not just invite the trash to your Open House?

If someone would come to your living room and tip over their garbage bag with watermelon rinds and what’s left of their fish dinner, would you accept that?  Some don’t hesitate to pour all their trash into your garden.  There are contaminations that are far worse than that of Fukushima (nuclear plant devastated by a tsunami) which contaminate the fertile gardens of our spirit every day.

So let’s decide to protect our minds. Like they say when you put good things in, good things come out!

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