7 Steps Out of a Crisis | Fight Procrastination

Procrastination can keep us in crisis indefinitely. It is putting off until tomorrow which should have been done yesterday. We can be so distracted by our “technical toys” that we never buckle down. It is a bad habit to push off until later. And we put a lid on our productivity that could make all the difference.

procrastination, don't wait until tomorrow
If not Now, When?

I once had a salesman who became seriously depressed. He had made some bad mistakes and was in danger of losing his house. He actually had great results before but found a client that bought enormous amounts of products for his company. So he took the habit of neglecting his other regular clients and became lazy.

One day that buyer was replaced and his revenues dried up. And everyday he was preoccupied by the idea of losing his house. I asked him what was the amount he was lacking? He said, “Fifty Thousand dollars”.

So I answered him, “If I understood you right, all you have between you and “Happiness” is 50K?

It is not that much for a great salesman like you, is it?

Then I gave his a secret that everyone should know to get out of the state of inaction caused by procrastination”.

fight procrastination
Fight procrastination

Take 3 minutes every evening, to fight procrastination.

  • Write up a list of the 10 things you need to do tomorrow
  • Put a number beside each one to indicate the top priority (1) to the least important (10).
  • Even if you can only accomplish the top 3 on your list, you will have acted on YOUR priorities. The other items can be delegated to others.

We have a tendency to “Major in Minors”. In this case the “Minor” is worrying and inaction, and the “Major” is focusing on your most productive actions. And this will teach you the difference in “keeping yourself busy” and deciding on what your priority is.

By the way, the salesman did fight his procrastination by preparing his “To do” list and saved his house. And late he was able to sell it for a hefty sum.

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