Is Failure the Key to Success? – Foreword

John Thornhill was in a worst situation than most when he started to learn about Internet Marketing and how you could make money online without leaving home.

  • He had a job in a car plant that was not making enough money to support his family
  • Doing shift work with impossible hours
  • Deep in debt (with a steep hill to climb if he wanted out of that prison).
  • Used to living from ‘month to month’.
  • And investing several years before he got a handle on making consistent money online.

But he made himself responsible to learn what had to be learned and persevere until it worked. And it did work! (The secret is getting a ‘mentor’ who has gone through it himself with success and can help you avoid the pitfalls).

If it is to be, it’s up to me

What I like about John Thornhill’s teaching is that it’s down to earth. You have no difficulty following the instructions step-by-step. And he doesn’t buy into the way marketers sell their online courses saying, ‘It’s not your fault’ that you are where you are.

Climbing out of the hole

The fact is some of your situations are not entirely your fault. But it’s your fault if you STAY stuck because you are not doing what is needed to get out of the rut! And, in this short report, John reveals the thinking that holds us back.

Climbing out of the Hole

So, I highly recommend paying attention to each of the 18 ‘pitfalls’ that are holding us back from success. The fact is, there’s lots of room at the top because most won’t put in the effort to make it. It looks so easy when you see the ‘gurus’ raking in the money.

But they put in the time (and still do) to learn from their mentors how to monetize their skills.

They just don’t pay that kind of money to people who are the “jack of all trades and the master of none”.

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