4) Failure-Success | Part of the Herd

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Are Part of The Herd.

There are two types of marketers online, there’s the herd and then there’s the people who sell to the herd.

Standing out from the crowd

Now before we go any further, I still act like part of the herd sometimes. I can still be ‘sold to’ just like anyone else, but the trick is to spot when you’re being ‘sold to’ and learn from it.

The herd will buy anything

The herd will buy just about everything that’s put out there, especially the big product launches. They will act upon scarcity, urgency, controversy, rave reviews and so on. They will follow everyone else, especially when taking part in online forum discussions.

They will also buy into the dream, whether this is to lose weight, improve their life or make more money online. This is called herd mentality and to be truly successful you need to separate yourself from the herd and start selling to the herd.

You need to be the one creating products that the herd will buy; you need to be the one creating urgency and scarcity. Once you can truly separate yourself from the herd and “get it‟ you will start to see success.

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