To build a profitable website, these eBooks and videos are free tools that will help you build your online Internet business. But as you read in the about section of this review site, they just don’t give 6-figure income to people who are the “jack of all trades and the master of none”.

So I’m assuming you are a newbie or have dabbled here and there to “test the waters”. Even if you are an intermediate marketer, many of these free tools will be useful to see if you have a solid foundation for your endeavors. Because a house that is built on sand (with no serious foundation work done) will collapse at the first onslaught of a storm (spending a lot of time online for no results).

Often we are so desperate for results that we skip the essential thing that affiliate marketers teach: Build your list. (But it is necessary for all types of marketing including video marketing, Instagram marketing, a local client consulting, and many more).

The Money is in the (buyers) list (we’ll talk about this)

But everything starts in the head. And John Thornhill is a successful marketer who does not buy into what “fly by night” marketers say. It is not your fault that you are where you are!

It may be true you have gone through various difficulties (maybe hell and high water) and all is not your fault. But it is, if you decide to play the “victim” and stay stuck!

18 Reasons WHY you are not succeeding online. N° 1 in Free tools

  1. So the first ebook to read in our series of Free tools, is “Is Failure the Key to Success?”. Study it! It may give you the “Power to Change Your Future”. You will also get the videos

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List Building Cash Machine

2) This ebook was written by one of John Thornhill’s most successful students, Omar Martin. They were sleeping in their car when they started Internet marketing. In this ebook, they give both free and paid strategies to build a list.

Why do you need your own list of people who want to hear from you? (They can of course unsubscribe easily when they want). For several reasons:

a) No more paid advertisements to finance any more.

b) These are a targeted audience who clicked on your offer and consent to receiving emails from you.

c) This is what marketers call a captive audience who relate to your unique personality.

Simple Ways to Monetize a Blog or a Website

You can set up a blog because you like writing about a subject. But once you have readers (on your list) who are interested in your subject you can recommend related products. Discover the different means to monetize here.

Flipping Websites for Profit – Free tools to sell your monetized website on Flippa

Did you know this is possible? That learning these skills can add money to your bank account that will wipe your debt away in one swell swoop! (or finance some worry-free vacation or pay off the mortgage)

Flipping Real Estate is buying a property that has potential, fixing it up and selling for profit. Flipping websites is finding a web property that needs to be optimized and monetized and selling it when turning a profit.

You’ll get an in-depth guide to monetizing your blog and then selling for a profit.  A blog is worth 12 – 30 x its monthly revenues.  So a blog (or website) that earns 1K per month is worth $12000 when you find the buyer who has the money to invest in an online business but not the technical skills needed. Do your arithmetic to see how much a blog bringing in 3 to 5K per month is worth.

Here is a low-cost (under $50) but high-value course on the subject

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