How to Sell on eBay | Step-by-Step Training

Have you just typed into the search engine, “How to Sell on eBay”?  And do you also want to learn how to be successful on eBay in 2021?  You have come to the right place.

  • Need to create a side or secondary income from the Internet?
  • Want to work from home to be able to stay with your children?
  • Create a backup income because your financial situation is at risk?
  • Seniors: Need an alternative retirement savings plan because you won’t have enough to live when retired? 
  • Dreaming of building your own home business to recession-proof your lifestyle?
  • Or get out of the corporate rat race?
  • Want an automatic 24/7 passive income to pay off your student loans?
  • Or to be able to work for an NGO?

  Interested by selling on eBay?

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Have you never got involved in e-commerce because you were too scared of the time and money investments required?

Or you got started but not found success with Shopify or another of the platforms requiring monthly payments? Because

  • It required to go through hours of training and a heavy learning curve.
  • You did invest the hours to set up a shopify store or do the research to find the products , only to realize that the traffic wasn’t there.
  • The sheer cost of paying for buyer traffic on YouTube or Facebook
  • The time lost testing ads without the least result to cover your investments.
  • Even close friends and family were not willing to wait the 3 weeks to get their product from AliExpress
  • The work involved in fulfilling orders and managing inventory

No more of that! Let’s make eBay easy.

Amazon vs eBay.  You may have considered that working on trusted platforms like Amazon or eBay might be the solution because millions of people go there every day to shop for the kinds of products you offer. But there is a fierce competition between Amazon and eBay. 

And eBay is winning for reasons you will discover in this online training.

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Because while Amazon shuts down accounts for mysterious reasons that only their algorithm understands, they also compete with your best-selling products.  If you find a winning product, they may decide to sell it under their own brand.

It is time to (re)discover eBay

Now’s your chance to get involved with eBay for various reasons:

  • This platform never competes with you, (they won’t sell your products under their brand).
  • They help you advertise your products for free to their 200 million strong buyers.  You can also have your product noticed by getting on Promoted listings.  BUT you don’t pay in advance for this priority traffic (unlike Google or Facebook ads)  You only pay a small commission when the product sells.
  • eBay loves newbie sellers and does everything to promote your online store. To encourage you to grow, they send you buyer traffic right from the start for free.  They know if you get quick success, (sales) you will list more products.  Since you pay a little to list them, they make more money.  So they love to turn newbies into “power sellers”.
  • Join the eBay world with 200 million buyers, and realize your ecommerce dreams today with minimal investments, little work, and barely any outlay of money before you have made some. 

How does Ebus VIP transform the 98% failure rate of beginners in eCommerce into 85% who make their first online income within 30 days of starting?

Ebus VIP helps the student overcome the hurdles that beginners face

  1. Finding the products – Ebus VIP has a team of experts working on product research every day.  Right now they have more the 1 million products available including what sells right now.  And they are also on top of all the trends.
  2. Avoid competition with fellow students – they will not give the same product to more than 8 others.  And many products have just arrived on the market or have limited competition outside Ebus VIP.
  3. No dealing with suppliers.  Ebus VIP team has contracts with suppliers who already have the product in stock and deliver the item in 2 – 5 days.  The clients are happy and will become repeat buyers.  (That is where the most money is made).
  4. Lack of time with a busy life-style –You can want to build an Ecom store but that can take hours of your time. One of the main elements for success loading new products on a consistent basis.  (This also encourage eBay to send you more buyers)

When you join Ebus VIP, the team uploads pre-researched best-selling products for you (based on the statistics from their 19000 students).  It saves you no end of time!

Complete step-by-step training in

  • How to optimize listings to get even more sales.
  • Scaling strategies to get more buyers without investing in ads
  • How to get more repeat buyers
  • and even how to build a digital asset you can sell later if you rather have a lump sum than a regular monthly income. 

(A digital web property is worth somewhere between 10 – 20 times its monthly profit.  So if you are earning $1000 per month it is worth 10 to 20K.  Some people have the money but not the expertise to build a web asset.  And will build up their company by buying up other Ecom stores.)

Ebus VIP program will do 95% of the work that makes most beginners fail.  But there is 5 % they cannot do for you like 1) setting up your store, 2) optimizing the listings, 3) filtering out products that don’t sell, 4) and communicating with eBay to expand the number of products in your store. 

You are also responsible for 5) fulfilling orders (but that is the good part). With the Ebus VIP Fast Track system it only takes 30 seconds per order

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