7 Steps Out of a Crisis | Discipline yourself to Do it

Step 2 is to discipline yourself to do it. Chris Guillebeau says something interesting about the discipline to do the work. You can do it yourself or have it done.

He says this:

The distance between not knowing what needs to be done and learning what needs to be done is not as great as the distance between knowing what to do and just doing it”!

Do what you have to do,

When you have to do it;

If you want to or not.

discipline Never give up

No one gets anywhere without a bit of discipline.  Do more than the minimum required.  Put your weight in the balance.

We work from 8 ‘til 5 to pay our bills, and from 5 ‘til 9p.m.  to pay for our projects.      

A bit of extra discipline to pay for YOUR projects!

The good working habit is to work hard for the boss during the day and for you during the evenings and weekends.

I told my salespersons who sold innovative office supplies Business to Business to work hard until 5 o’clock.  Buy a little pastry or an apple to eat, and then prospect another 3-4 clients or until you get the last sale of the day.  The commissions from that last sale were to go into a ‘special project’ fund and last sale was often the biggest of the day!

How many of you would find a pay raise of 10 to 15% a significant change for your finances? (This relates mainly to people who are paid on a commission basis).

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