What is preventing the Barracuda from reaching his “fish dinner”

Most people are like a barracuda. They will stop going after what they really want if they bump their nose too many times.  They just can’t see what is stopping them.

Barracudas love fish dinners

Barracudas love silver-colored fish like sardines or mackerel. They are fast, have sharp teeth, and a predator instinct.  So scientists did a study to see if they could change their behavior.

They put a barracuda in a large pool at one end and threw a basin full of silvery fish in the other end.  And sure enough, the barracuda gathered speed and plunged upon his “free lunch”.

A barracuda acts like … a barracuda

They did this for several days and the barracuda behaved, well… like a barracuda. 

It was not healthy to be a silvery fish in that sea water pool with a barracuda roaming to see who he could swallow!

Even Barracudas can get stopped in their tracks

Then they put a thick and transparent plexiglass window in the middle of the pool.  The scientists continued to throw fish at the other end. And of course the barracuda saw dinner was served.

He attacked like usual but something invisible stopped him in his tracks!

He tried again and again.  His fish dinner was just a couple of yards away, but no matter how hard he tried, he just couldn’t reach them.

Every time he attacked; he bumped his nose on this invisible barrier.  He finally had to admit that chasing his dream of silvery fish was simply out of reach for him at this time.

Is the fish dinner out of reach?

After several days, the scientists took out the plexiglass window and the barracuda swam amongst the silvery fish without daring to attack.  He “knew” that if ever that crazy idea would go through in his mind, he was going to suffer…

Are we not like that?

We want it but past experience has shown us we can’t have it.  So we don’t even try…

The solution is getting a Mentor who thinks differently.  He knows that most of the hurdles are in the mind.  If you spend enough time with a multi-millionaire, who believes in you, you will know that THERE IS A WAY to the “fish dinner”.  Because he has been where you are.

The Secret to success is no longer spending any time with those who are blocking us from our fish dinner. And spend time with like-minded people.

Hope you enjoyed the story!

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