9) Failure-Success | Help Others

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Are Not Willing to Help Others

If someone emailed you today asking for you to help him or her fix a problem they had, that you knew how to fix, would you help them?

I’m guessing you would.

What if 10 people emailed you, or 100?

I know most people would hate to have a situation where 100 people per day needed help and the chances are email or support tickets would go unanswered.

Let me tell you if you ever get to this sort of situation you’ve got it made.

Help these people and they will stay loyal to you. They will buy your products and recommendations and will stay loyal to you, but the best thing of all is they will be telling you what their problems are.

Tip: Create products that solves their problems and the amount of money you can make is limitless.

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