7 Steps Out of a Crisis | Never too Late

Tell yourself, it is NEVER TOO LATE to make it out of your crisis. When you see these young guys earning 10K per month online at 25, you may think it is too late for you. Especially if you are nearing retirement. But it is not! The only thing that makes it “too late” is when you give up before the end!

too late for Colonel Saunders
Too late for Colonel Saunders?

Have you heard of the story about Colonel Saunders from the Kentucky Fried Chicken? He finally retired at 60 thinking that by selling his gas station and diner he could live comfortably until the end of his life. But the sale only covered his debts. And when he saw the amount of his first pension check, he said “I can’t live with this”. And he started to look for a part-time job.

He made a list of what he knew how to do. I do have a fried chicken recipe. The family says “it’s finger-lickin’ good”. He asked a friend of his to put it on the menu of his restaurant. Every time it would sell, he would give a percentage to Colonel Saunders. And that is how the franchise KFC was born. And Colonel Saunders became a millionaire AFTER 65!

Too Late? You already have in you the idea that will make you rich.

You are only a talent, or skill or “meeting the right” person away to monetize everything that is in you!

never too late to win
It is never too late to win

Do you remember the Champion League Final (European soccer) between Bayern and Manchester United? Bayern had been leading from the 6th minute 1 – 0. In spite of all their efforts, Manchester United was not able to score. They were now in the last 80 seconds of the match. It seemed too late to change the tide. The coach entered two new offensive players. And in 80 seconds they scored once to make the tie and a second goal to win.

The “Reds” NEVER give up.

What makes the difference is the right attitude. The game is never over until the final whistle! You are playing the game of your life. And the funny thing is, they will forget all your failures during the greater part of the game once you have scored the winning touchdown. Even if it happens only in the last minutes of your life.

All we can say is your attitude makes the difference! Check out what Randy Blanchard (one of my mentors) has to offer as training on Facebook marketing. Register now. It’s FREE!