7) Failure-Success | Build a List

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Don’t Build a List

The list, the list, the money is in the list. How many times have you readthat? Well it’s true, you must be building a list, or all your efforts are in vain.

Almost every single web page you have online should have some form of lead capture in place. You must try to capture your visitors email address as once they leave your site they are gone forever.

However, capture their email and you can bring them back to your products, sites, services and recommendations time and time again.

list building
Build a list and a relationship

Ask yourself how you are reading this report? You received an email from either me or someone else promoting this report. If that doesn’t tell you how important list building is, nothing will.

And it doesn’t stop there, it’s not just about list building, it’s also about relationship building. You must give your subscribers value in the form of quality content. So many marketers simply sell and resell to their lists then wonder why they can’t make any money. The truth is you will never get any results from your list if all you do is the pitch to them.

Provide value, build a relationship, and get your list to trust you and you will have no problems selling to them when you need to.

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