6) Failure-Success | Customer’s Interests

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Don’t Have Your Subscribers & Customers’ Interests at Heart

I know for a fact most of my success is due to the fact I am willing to help others as much as I possibly can. If you contact my helpdesk or my personal email you will always get a response from me whether you are a customer of mine or not. I do my very best to help every single person that contacts me no matter what the problem is. I provide help for free and I take pride in the fact that no email or support ticket goes ignored.

Now what do you think that has done for my reputation?

Well let me tell you it’s done a great deal, in fact if you Google my name you will probably find 99.9% of the stuff you find about me is positive and that’s the way I want it to stay so I will continue to look after my subscribers and customers.

It’s very important you get what I’m trying to tell you here, so many people simply chase the money when they should be concentrating on helping others, do that and the money will come in all on its own.

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