18) Failure-Success | Don’t have a Mentor

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Don’t Have a Mentor

Now that’s not entirely true as some people have made it online without a mentor. However, having a mentor speeds the process up dramatically and can usually guarantee success. The main thing is to learn what prevents you from becoming successful.

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A mentor can give you step by step instructions and have you report back to them with your progress and make sure you stay on track. They can also provide you with all the technical support you need and are generally there to hold your hand.

I’m guessing over the years you have bought a ton of eBooks, training videos, home study courses, software tools, etc. and yet you still struggle, here’s why!

You never had a mentor to guide you!

You see, while an eBook or training course can attempt to teach you what you want to learn there is an enormous difference between reading an eBook and being told by your mentor step by step what you need to be doing and reporting back with your progress.

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