17) Failure-Success | Only Thinking about money

You’ll Never Succeed Online If All You Think About Is Making Money

I have sort of covered this but again I want to make a separate point. How many times have you read in a forum something like?

Dear All,

I seem to have problems with making money from IM and my goal is to make a decent 2nd income online.

I seem to be reasonably successful in my job, I seem to understand new process easily and be able to run departments and develop them into reasonably successful business units.

However, for some reason I am unable to transfer this skill to IM. I think that my gross total for IM income is somewhere in the region of 7 to 8 dollars. Divide this by 100s of hours of Niche research I’ve done, and I am getting paid peanuts.

Which is quite funny as I feel a bit like a monkey when it comes to IM.

I was wondering if some of whom are making money can either give me some sound advice, or could point me in the right direction?

Can you see the problem here? The fact is the person who made the post is simply thinking about making money and nothing else. I can almost guarantee they won’t make it as their mindset is all wrong.

Like I have already said, stop thinking about making money and think about helping others and the money will flow.  You have won the game!

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