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Chris Munch is mainly known for his affiliate marketing launch calendar called Munch Eye.  But his success has been built on understanding something important. Every business needs powerful and high-authority backlinks that point to their website. Learn how to do it. Register for the free 100K Shoutout training.

What Google is looking for and 100K Shoutout can do for you

Are other sites talking about your website?  If so, Google will rank you higher for that keyword.  Better, if a visitor types in that keyword, Google has the means to promote your website to that person.  We all know websites that are positioned on the first 5 spots on Page One get 90% of the clicks.  So most of the creative work on your website is pointless if your site is not on Page One at least from an SEO point of view.

You may have the best product or service offer out there.  But you cannot make your business grow if no one is aware that you and your offers exist.  That is why the advertising industry is so huge!

In Google’s eyes, the authority of a website comes from how many visitors interact and engage with that site.  If you take an authority website like YouTube, 2 Billion people visit it every month. It is not a well-known fact that if you turn all your content on your website into a video. And you have it point to your blog. That way, you automatically siphon off some of YouTube’s authority.  In Internet marketing terms they call that “link juice”.

So how can 100K Shoutout help you benefit from other authority sites?

One of the best ways is by writing a press release about your website and product or service offers.  And then have it distributed through multiple authority sites specialized in Press Releases. Of course, for a business, the cost of writing them up can cost $500 to $995 per Press Release. There is a specific format and you need to count the distribution costs too. And that amount can double if it is a multimedia press release. That involves creating the blog post, a podcast, a slide show, and a video. But a business owner understands quite readily that he can redeploy a part of his existing ad budget to test this ad strategy.

An opportunity to help businesses to get on Page One

100K Shoutout Training
Chris Munch Founder of Ampifire
the first Content Amplification System

Chris has patiently built up a network of more than 450 press release sites that will distribute his press releases. He promotes his own digital products, affiliate product offers, but also works for e-commerce and local businesses.  Any business wants to make itself known.  And Google wants to help but you need to play the game according to their rules.

Chris Munch calls this process, doing a “shoutout” about your business or offer.  And he now trains his students in setting things up press releases for their own activity. But they can also offer their own Press Release service to local businesses.  The 100K Shoutout students even get (up to) 12 done-for-you campaigns. The Ampifire team prepares the campaign based on the research done for them by the student.

100K Shoutout
Doing a Shoutout so people are aware
that you exist!

Works for English Speaking countries

(Note: this only works (for now) in English-speaking countries.  But of course, you can live anywhere and do campaigns for businesses in Great Britain and the United States. You can also work with businesses in Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. Or any country (like Switzerland) where the business language is English) 

And it works almost instantly (24 to 48 hours) once the campaign is approved and launched.

As you will see in the 100K Shoutout Walkthrough, not all of the Press Releases will appear on Page One.  Perhaps one or two. Google doesn’t like giving all the Page One real estate to the same company.  But since Google sees your 450 powerful backlinks, Google will probably maintain your site on Page One.

Here is a walkthrough of the results I got for one of my 100K Shoutout campaigns

Look Carrelage (which means floor tiles) is a website designed to answer questions of English-speaking visitors. They want to know about buying Floor tiles in France. Visitors come from the United Kingdom or other countries like Germany, Switzerland, or Holland. And are looking to build or renovate a house in France. 

For the keywords like “tile shop in French Alps” or “porcelain tiles in French Alps’, we are on Page One. Also for “floor tiles French Alps”. The website is on Page One.  But other press release sites also talk about Look Carrelage.  And they are also on Page One.

Of course, it depends on the competition because everyone wants to appear on Page One. So you may want to repeat the operation every month.  And you can do a press release on different events in the life of that business. Think of new employment offers or an anniversary event.

An affiliate marketer can write up a press release every time he reviews a new product. He can also promote a new product for his e-commerce store.  When you promote one product you also promote your whole website.

100K Shoutout shows you how to do it.

Register now for the 100K Shoutout free training and check out my review here.

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