10) Failure-Success | Inferior Quality Work

You’ll Never Succeed Online If You Create Inferior Quality Work

This is quite a big one. A lot of people think they can create inferior quality blogs, websites, review sites and products and expect them to make money. This is mostly due to buying ‘ready-made’ products in a hope that they won’t have to do too much work. Now don’t get me wrong. There are cases where you can use content you haven’t created yourself and make money from it.

This is usually PLR content but as a rule nothing beats work you have created yourself.

However, the work can’t be something you’ve spent half an hour creating that won’t give your customer any value. You need to put 100% effort into everything you create, and this means working hard at looking after your customer’s interests.

And finally, the most important reason of all…

I was in a ton of debt before I started to see success online, I had a job I hated, and I used to live from month to month. Guess what I did? Well for starters, I didn’t moan about my situation. I got down to business. Sure, it took a couple of years to see any money, but I never gave up (mindset) and I kept at it. This is what you need to do if you find yourself in a situation you don’t like.

In fact, many successful online marketers usually hit a massive low before they really get down to business. Something happens in their life that makes them so ANGRY they change their mindset and become determined to succeed.

If you can relate to this and hate your current situation get angry, change your mindset, and get to work.

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